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2017-01-11 / Renewal of the agreement with PR Industrial and sponsorship Octo Pramac Racing TeamRenewal of the agreement with PR Industrial and sponsorship Octo Pramac Racing Team


FIAMM is delighted to announce the renewal of the agreement with PR Industrial for the supply of starter batteries and the Octo Pramac Racing Team sponsorship. The company based in Montecchio Magg ...

2016-11-28 / FIAMM announces its partnership with the Japanese multinational company Hitachi ChemicalFIAMM announces its partnership with the Japanese multinational company Hitachi Chemical


FIAMM’s Board of Directors has resolved to proceed with the signing of the agreement for the creation of a joint venture with Hitachi Chemical, a multinational company that is part of the Hitachi ...

2016-10-18 / De Rosa and the Althea BMW team are the champions of the Superstock 1000, 2016!!De Rosa and the Althea BMW team are the champions of the Superstock 1000, 2016!!


    The Althea BMW Racing team and rider Raffaele De Rosa triumphed at the Spanish circuit of Jerez de la Frontera. With a race cleverly closed in fifth position, Raffaele De Rosa on his BMW S 10 ...

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FIAMM is the official sponsor of the Althea BMW Racing Team for the 2016 season, both in the Fim World Championship Superbike and in the  Fim Cup Superstock 1000.

FIAMM sponsors the Althea Team BMW and its brand is present on the motorbike fairing, on the riders' racing suits and their clothing, on the team vehicles used for transport, on the outside walls of the box and Hospitality booth, and on everything regarding communications.

 “We are ready to face the challenges of the upcoming Superbike World Championship with great enthusiasm – confirmed Nicolò Gasparin, Executive Vice President Reserve & Mobility Power Solutions at FIAMM – and are strengthened by the bond we have created with Team Althea, which is further reinforced this year thanks to the iconic BMW brand, synonymous with technological excellence and sporting spirit. FIAMM has always believed in motorsports as a vehicle to promote its brand in Italy and abroad, and invests in the Superbike championship because this class uses production-derived machines that are therefore very similar to models that the passionate motorcycling community can purchase and equip with FIAMM technologies. This year, Team Althea can count on very competitive riders who have a winning spirit. All of the preconditions for success are in place.”





FIAMM is partner of the Octo Pramac Racing Team for the MotoGP 2016 season.

It is an honor for FIAMM to reaffirm its partnership with the Octo Pramac Racing Team for the MotoGP 2016 season – confirmed Nicolò Gasparin, Executive Vice President Reserve & Mobility Power Solutions at FIAMM. From a results point of view, the great work achieved by the team over the last few years has been rewarding. The “queen” class of the world championship this year promises to be even more exciting and for FIAMM to be beside Octo Pramac Racing Team and Ducati for this new adventure represents a source of pride and an opportunity to present Italy as a champion of innovation to the world.




2014-10-01 / CampielloCampiello


FIAMM sponsor of the 52nd edition of the CAMPIELLO PRIZE

FIAMM was proud to have been a sponsor of the Campiello Prize in 2014, a literary prize which is awarded annually to a work of Italian fiction.
The Prize was established in 1962 thanks to an initiative held by the Industrialists of the Veneto Region, and was awarded for the first time in 1963 to none other than Primo Levi, for his novel "The Truce".

Considered to be one of the most prestigious in Italy and among the most important in the Italian publishing industry, the Prize has now become a channel through which the Industrialists of the Veneto Region intend to offer their contribution to Italian literature by promoting and disseminating the culture of reading.

Throughout its history, the Campiello Prize has continuously demonstrated the validity of its cultural choices, bringing numerous authors and novels that have marked the history of Italian literature to the attention of the general public.
The success of the works taken into consideration for the Campiello Prize has been confirmed both by their sales, as well as by a number of film adaptations.

2014-07-01 / MotoforPeaceMotoforPeace


FIAMM will be supporting MotoforPeace again in 2014

For faster emergency first aid services in the rural and more remote areas of the country

MotoforPeace (www.motoforpeace.it) is an association made up of officers from the Italian State Police, the Carabinieri Corps and other European Police Forces, which was founded in 2001 with the aim of establishing local development projects worldwide by promoting an awareness of the issues and collecting the funds necessary for the development of the programs themselves. The association is also dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the world's cultures and their needs via motorcycle expeditions that have touched various developing or war-ravaged countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

MotoforPeace received 8 medals for its projects from the President of the Italian Republic as a representation award and for the patronage of leading Institutions, while in 2012 the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Kosovo awarded it an "Appreciation" for its outstanding efforts at promoting and improving "World Peace".

2013-10-01 / TheaterTheater


FIAMM: a commitment of energy for the Vicenza Communal Theatre Foundation.

With its rich humanistic and family-oriented tradition, FIAMM has always had strong ties to its territory of origin, and in 2008 decided to become the main sponsor of the Vicenza Communal Theatre Foundation. The Theatre, in fact, filled a significant void felt in the city of Vicenza by providing an appropriate venue for hosting prestigious art, music, dance and opera events.

FIAMM wanted to support its home town of Vicenza so that the city and its culture would become a prestigious reference point for the entire Veneto region. It is through initiatives like these that FIAMM strives to give back that which the territory itself has given to the company in terms of skills, human resources and much, much more.

2013-10-01 / CSICSI


FIAMM - sponsor of CSI FIAMM Vicenza

FIAMM supports the Csi FIAMM Vicenza sports club, which since 1962 has been dedicated to offering young people the chance to take part in Track and Field sporting activities.

The club was established with the precise goal of offering youths a competitive sporting environment in order to help them grow into responsible adults and citizens who will take charge of their responsibilities and will always strive to do their best.

With its desire to support true sporting activities for the local youths, FIAMM has always remained as the club's time honoured sponsor. There has been a great past, a great present and the future will naturally follow suit: Gelinda Bordin, the winner of the marathon at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, was born and raised participating in the club, and is an ideal role model for all the thousands of young people who wear this glorious jacket.




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