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2017-01-11 / Renewal of the agreement with PR Industrial and sponsorship Octo Pramac Racing TeamRenewal of the agreement with PR Industrial and sponsorship Octo Pramac Racing Team


FIAMM is delighted to announce the renewal of the agreement with PR Industrial for the supply of starter batteries and the Octo Pramac Racing Team sponsorship. The company based in Montecchio Magg ...

2016-11-28 / FIAMM announces its partnership with the Japanese multinational company Hitachi ChemicalFIAMM announces its partnership with the Japanese multinational company Hitachi Chemical


FIAMM’s Board of Directors has resolved to proceed with the signing of the agreement for the creation of a joint venture with Hitachi Chemical, a multinational company that is part of the Hitachi ...

2016-10-18 / De Rosa and the Althea BMW team are the champions of the Superstock 1000, 2016!!De Rosa and the Althea BMW team are the champions of the Superstock 1000, 2016!!


    The Althea BMW Racing team and rider Raffaele De Rosa triumphed at the Spanish circuit of Jerez de la Frontera. With a race cleverly closed in fifth position, Raffaele De Rosa on his BMW S 10 ...

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FIAMM was born in 1942 in the land of Romeo and Juliet. But its story began even earlier, when young engineer Giulio Dolcetta collaborated on the grand civil works of the Twenties and the electrification projects of the Thirties, experiences that allowed him to foresee the potential of Elettra, that was bought and transformed into FIAMM. The name of ‘Fabbrica Italiana Accumulatori Motocarri Montecchio’ (Italian Manufacturer Motorvehicle Batteries Montecchio) will remain as such, testimony to the origins of its founders, just as the main offices will remain at Montecchio.

It was the sons of Giulio – Giovanni, Francesco and Mario – and grandson Claudio who were responsible for FIAMM’s success and its basic spirit, the belief that they were part of a united group, custodians of a great tradition, and the strong ties to the community that today manifest themselves in initiatives that support the environment and the people who live there; like the sponsorship of Vicenza’s Communal Theater and the running of the nursery school and Montecchio’s kindergarten. Initiatives meant to repay the local community for giving the company expertise, human resources and much, much more.


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FIAMM is born in 1942, when energy and courage are needed to defend facilities and workers from the threat of being hauled off to Germany. After the war, the company concentrates on the production of batteries for automobiles and the fork lift industry. Not long after that, production is started on stationary and semi-stationary batteries, vital to a country rebuilding its industries and railroads.



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In the years of mass motorization, the brand begins to appear in automobile showrooms alongside those of the most important car makers, and makes its first sally into product research and the via the production of a promotional vehicle: into motor sports. A FIAMM battery powers the Ferrari that wins the Mille Miglia in 1950. The first significant alliance with an important company is with the Innocenti Lambretta. The production of acoustic signals begins.



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Thanks to the economic boom, FIAMM strengthens its organization, increases production and launches new products (the electro-pneumatic horns become a real status symbol). The company is fast approaching its position as a modern productive entity. Its presence in foreign markets is increasingly more evident, appearing at the various Motor Shows, while in motor sport its alliance with Ferrari confirms the position of prestige that the company has attained.



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The car and truck battery business expands into the motorcycles market and, thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, FIAMM becomes the top supplier to Europe’s most important car manufacturers. In the stationary batteries sector, the company’s client list includes SIP, ENEL (respectively Italy’s national phone company and national power company) and the most important engineering firms both in Italy and abroad.



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The importance of stationary batteries takes off in the USA, and the company enters Europe’s two principal markets with FIAMM Germany and FIAMM France, while numerous joint ventures are undertaken with international partners. Ford America chooses FIAMM as its sole supplier of acoustic signals and FIAMM continues to enhance its reputation in motor sports: rallies, Formula One, Formula Indy, the Paris-Dakar and offshore events.



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After a series of important acquisitions, the Dolcetta Family decides to revolutionize company management in the light of its now international dimensions.
A new managing director is chosen from outside the family, while the role Chairman is reserved for Giovanni Dolcetta.




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In 2000, a New Industrial Plan of great expansion results in the opening of new branches in the USA, the acquisition of numerous battery distributors throughout Europe and important investments in technology. In 2007, the share structure is consolidated to two family groups with Stefano Dolcetta (Managing Director) and Alessandro Dolcetta (Vice-President). 
It heralds a return to ideals of continuity, development and innovation, while dedicating a great deal of attention to motivated youth, who learned their trade within the company.


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